All 50 States Ranked Based on How Fun They Are

Dead last.  According to WalletHub, West Virginia is the least fun state in the United States.  West Virginia ranked 50th overall for how fun it is.

According to, “fun translates into happiness, which means better health and longer life expectancy. So, WalletHub did these rankings, considering how much money each state’s people spend on entertainment, what kinds of access they have to nature, and even how many movie theaters and restaurants there are (among other factors).

The full list can be found here:

WalletHub’s reason for putting West Virginia at the very bottom of the list:  “Dead last for entertainment and 46th for nightlife. It just makes West Virginia seem like a state that has a lot bigger concerns than ‘fun.'”  In addition to the poor showing in Nightlife, West Virginia also ranked 50th in “Entertainment and Recreation.”
The top five most fun states, according to WalletHub, are California, Florida, New York, Washington and Colorado.  The five least fun are Vermont, Rhode Island, Delaware, Mississippi and finally West Virginia.
Of course we all know that West Virginia is not only one of the most beautiful states but one of the most fun, incredible places in the world.  West Virginia isn’t “Almost Heaven” for no reason!



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