Governor Justice Is a Terrible Representative of West Virginia

West Virginia’s adult obesity rate is nearing 40% and our Governor is the fattest politician in the world.  This is not a political article and Jim Justice’s political views will not be mentioned.  He seems to be getting mixed reviews as the Governor of West Virginia.  However, the role of the Governor of a state is more than just signing and vetoing bills passed by the Legislature.  Rather, it is about image and it’s about leading by example.  Unfortunately Jim Justice is the very face of our great state.

When President Donald Trump visited West Virginia last year, he jokingly referred to Justice as the “largest, most beautiful man.”  He went on to say, “He’s a big man.  All man.  He’s 6 feet, 11 inches tall.  I won’t talk about the weight.  I don’t know the what the weight is.  I won’t go there, but he’s a big man and he’s a great man.”  Although Justice is closer to 6 feet 7 inches and certainly in the 400+ pound range, our President was openly mocking our Governor, who is his ally and friend.  Trump often ridicules the appearance of others but rarely his own friends and allies.

West Virginia has a real crisis.  In the fattest country in the world, we’re the fattest state.  At some point it became acceptable to be fat and unhealthy in the state of West Virginia and having a 400 or 500 pound man waddle around as our state leader doesn’t help one bit.  Justice should immediately focus on his health and the health of the citizens of West Virginia.  Nothing is more important than that.

Being a leader is about fixing problems and the problem here starts right at the top.  If Justice were to focus on his own health and show the great state of West Virginia and its people that it is possible to change your life for the better, he could have a real profound impact on hundreds of thousands of people.  In other words, if he could do it so could we.  

Just as if our Governor was addicted to opioids and we had an opioid crisis (which we do), the most pressing issue by far would be to get the Governor help to get him off drugs; not just for himself but also for the people that he leads.  Obviously that is not the case here, but whether it’s food or drugs Jim Justice is killing himself and is a terrible role model for the people of West Virginia.



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