On the Map of Each State’s Most Hated Food, West Virginia Gets it Right

Each State's Most Hated Food

The Takeout made a map where it shows each state’s most hated food. It’s a very wide ranging variety of foods with some entertaining choices. Spoiler alert: West Virginia’s favorite food is not a pepperoni roll.

First, let’s talk about some of the worst choices. California chose Chick-fil-A. There’s no way anyone could possibly think that. It seems like California is letting their political views get in the way of their tastebuds. Has anyone in California even had Chick-fil-A since there aren’t any out there? How can you hate something you’ve never had?

Texas got it right. Steak well done. It’s good to see someone take a stand against well done steak, which is very similar to shoe leather.

Washington shows their support of Starbucks by making theirs Keurig K-Cups. While that’s not a food, we get it Washington. You’re standing up for the local company, Starbucks.

West Virginia’s most hated food is so West Virginia. And I love it. West Virginia went with tofu. What a great choice.

Check out the map:

It’s hard to disagree with the point that Daniel made when he said Nevada, Montana, West Virginia and Texas are about the only states that got it right.

This was a very interesting piece by The Takeout. You can check out the article here.



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