Two Alligators Found in Pittsburgh

Two Alligators Found in Pittsburgh

Two alligators were found in Pittsburgh. The first was a 5-foot alligator that was spotted by someone walking their dog. It was spotted around 10 p.m.

While animal control officers were trying to get it under control, the alligator was hissing. They were able to trap it against a garage door and tape its jaws shut. After that it was taken to an animal shelter.

It turns out this alligator’s name is “Chomp” and he belongs to Mark McGowan, who uses them for weekend educational demonstrations. McGowan did not reach out to officers because he did not want to get in trouble. He was unable to pay the $550 fee for receoving dangerous animals and now all three of the alligators are headed to the Cape May Zoo, where they will be held until they are transported to Florida.

The second alligator was found in the Carrick neighborhood. It was about 2.5 feet long, making it the smallest of the three alligators found in Pittsburgh. It was taken to the Hume Animal Rescue in the East End by animal control officers.

This is not the first time this has happened recently in Pittsburgh. In May an alligator was pulled from the Monongahela River. This one was about three-feet long.

According to the police officers, it is common for people to purchase an alligator as a pet and then once they realize it’s too difficult to care for, they release it into the wild. This creates a hazard for the people who could encounter them as well as the alligators who aren’t adapted to the climate in the area.

Remember, the Monongahela River runs straight through the West Virginia border and into Morgantown all the way down to Weston, West Virginia.



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