Update on DirecTV Blacking Out Local Channels in West Virginia

DirecTV customers across the country have had their local channels removed due to a DirecTV and Nexstar Broadcasting being unable to reach a deal. After they were unable to reach a deal, DirecTV began blacking out local channels in West Virginia as well as across the country. This happened on July 3 at 11:59 p.m.

DirecTV subscribers missed the local coverage of West Virginia celebrating Independence Day. On top of that they were unable to view any local news and if any local emergencies surfaced, they would not be able to be notified with their usual local channels.

People who tried to view their local channels on DirecTV saw something like this screen:

On Friday Nexstar Media Group provided an update to DirecTV and AT&T U-Verse customers who were unable to watch over 120 Nexstar television stations across the country:

nexstar update

nexstar update

Unfortunately there is no way to know if or when the local channels will come back to DirecTV. It looks like there is no end in sight. One option is to call DirecTV directly and let them know you need your locals back at 855-567-1569.

Other options include reaching out to other cable providers and seeing if they are able to activate your service. Beware that if you have a contract with DirecTV or AT&T you could be liable for early termination fees if you leave for another service provider.

It’s a mess that these two companies are having a hard time working out. In the end, it will be the consumer who pays the price. First, people are unable to see the content they are paying for. Next, their will probably be a monthly bill increase.



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